This PAN is the only document that will be accepted when making payments at banks for customs, dividends tax, excise, income tax, Pay-As-You-Earn (PAYE), penalties for income tax, VAT, PAYE or provisional tax. No other printed income tax account or any other type of SARS communication will be accepted by the bank.

This will not affect eFiling clients, as they do not need a PAN – payments already have the correct payment reference from eFiling.

To get a PAN:

Individuals can get the PAN using the “General Unpaid” function on eFiling
Tax practitioners and employers/organisations can use the “General Unpaid” function on eFiling or the new “Payment advice notice” function under the “Payments” section on eFiling.
For more information on the PAN, please visit the SARS website.


As you may have noticed, SARS released a new version of e@syfile on 19 November 2014. Please ensure that your e@syfile is updated. E@syfile will prompt you to update on sign in, or you could go to to download the update.

Please make a backup of your e@syfile database before loading the update, as the installation process may cause loss of data.

SARS has since issued a notice on a problem that some users are experiencing with this latest version. E@syfile seems to hang on start-up. This is due to recent JAVA and/or Windows updates affecting mostly Windows 64-bit users, but it could, in some cases, affect 32-bit users.

Please visit the SARS website for a complete description on this issue.


Should you have any queries, please contact the SARS Support Desk on 0800 00 72