27 August 2022

Public bus travel cards now have a new look thanks to a co-branding partnership between Absa Bank Seychelles and the Seychelles Public Transport Corporation (SPTC).

With on-going precautions promoted by local and international health authorities, the two organisations agreed that the need to continuously promote cashless systems for hygiene and health purposes is more relevant than ever.

The decision to once again promote ways of transacting without using cash also comes as part of Absa Bank Seychelles’ on-going strategy to move towards a digital banking environment.

“Many organisations have recognised the importance of embracing digital solutions and a more cashless society, an effort which has been accelerated with the onset of COVID-19. One such organisation is SPTC and we are very proud to have been able to partner with them to promote the adoption of the bus travel cards over cash, with our colourful contribution aimed at celebrating Seychelles,” said Johan Van Schalkwyk, Managing Director of Absa Bank Seychelles.

“We would like to congratulate SPTC on their proactive steps in going digital over recent years, both with their app and payment approach. Absa Bank is a firm believer in adopting digital technologies for both convenience and a safer, more hygienic way to service customers”.

Speaking on the collaboration between the Seychelles Public Transport Corporation, the CEO, Mr Patrick Vel said, “Alongside providing a reliable and secure bus service, we, of SPTC, make it a priority to improve our customer’s travel experience. We promote customer care and seamless transacting using fast and easily accessible support services. In this vein, we thank Absa in co-branding these 5000 travel cards that will allow us to bolster our cashless project. We value this partnership with Absa which has allowed us to close in on our final objective of a full cashless and ticketless service.”

Absa has provided 5000 new cards with various artwork depicting the flora and fauna endemic to Seychelles such as the black parrot, pitcher plant and exotic coco de mer seed. It also features our iconic clock tower.

To date, Absa Bank Seychelles introduced revolutionary solutions to banking Seychelles while simultaneously promoting hygiene, cashless transactions and convenience banking. Some of the offerings include QR Code cash withdrawal capability, Chatbot capability and mobile banking applications.