Documents required to identify and verify you as part of Customer Due Diligence when opening a new account or updating your account information
  • Acceptable documents for Identity are:

    • A valid passport (mandatory for non-residents/foreigners)
    • A valid national identity card or valid passport for Seychellois
  • Acceptable documents for Proof of Address (not older than 3 months or valid) For Individuals

    • Utility bills (Public Utilities Corporation)  (PUC)
    • Telecommunication bill (Cable & Wireless, Airtel, Intelvision)
    • Home broadband bills (portable  modem/router are not acceptable)  
    • Entertainment  bills (Cable & Wireless, Airtel, Intelvision, Digital Satellite Television (DSTV)
    • Valid lease agreement
    • Letter from bill holder confirming residential address of account holder/customer/applicant accompanied by bill holder’s ID, and signed bill (applies to students, senior citizens or any other persons who does not have utility service registered in his/her name)  
    • Valid insurance property policy, valid home mortgage policy  or valid home insurance policy
    • Employer arranged accommodation (e.g. for Gainful Occupation Permit (GOP) holders- letter from the employer on company letterhead along with stamp stating that the employee is working for the company, and will be residing at the company’s premises or leased property
    • Students living in the hostel- letter from hostel management
    • Students living abroad- students in private accommodation; valid lease agreement or utility bills
    • Students living on university campus – acceptance letter from their respective university
    • Senior citizen living at a home for the elderly-letter from Property Mortgage Corporation (PMC)
    • Transit/Emergency housing-letter from PMC
    • Prisoners- letter from prison authorities
  • Acceptable documents for Proof of Income

    • Salary slip
    • Employer letter confirming salary
    • Employment contract
    • Self-employed individuals can provide business registration and other corporate documents confirming ownership company. Also provide a letter on the business letterhead stating the amount that you will be drawing as a salary
    • Lease / Rental Agreement (i.e if you are generating income from Rental/Lease)
    • Bank statements (applicable only for pensioners holding existing accounts with Absa Bank and other exceptional cases that is deemed acceptable by Absa Bank (Seychelles) Limited)
    • If you are unemployed but receiving an income from another person or institution (Eg Benefit Agency) please provide evidence as a letter from the person or institution stating the amount
    • Any other document that is deemed as acceptable by Absa Bank (Seychelles) Limited to confirm your source of fu
  • Other documents for Individuals

    • Valid GOP or residency permit for foreigners (if applicable)
    • Marriage certificate or divorce certificate or Official gazette to support any name change(s)
  • Corporate /Small Medium Entities - Proof of Identity

    Proof of identity

    • Official Certificate of Incorporation of Business or Certificate of Registration documents
    • For Embassy-Letter of Appointment from the Department of Foreign Affairs, or a printout from the Department of Foreign Affairs website of the relevant pages as proof  that the embassy is registered with the Department of Foreign Affairs.
    • For government authority- the Applicable Act OR founding documents OR an extract from the government gazette establishing the government authority OR extract from the government website confirming the name, existence and registered address of the customer.
    • Foundation/ Trusts- Letter of authority or Licence or Certificate of registration and/or incorporation
    • Constitution, Rules and Regulations or By-Laws
    • For Supranational- Legal form OR extract from the supranational website
    • Tax Identification Number (TIN)
    • Licence (if entity is licensable)
  • Acceptable documents for Proof of Address for entity (not older than 3 months or valid)

    • Utility bills (Public Utilities Corporation)  (PUC)
    • Telecommunication bill (Cable & Wireless, Airtel, Intelvision)
    • Broadband bills (NO portable  modem/router)  
    • Entertainment  bills (Cable & Wireless, Airtel, Intelvision, Digital Satellite Television (DSTV)
    • Lease agreement
    • Seychelles Licensing Authority  (SLA) operating licence (for specific types of businesses that are visited by SLA
    • Building/Office  (immovable) insurance policy
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